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Peterborough Pride is back in 2019 – announced here first!

The first Peterborough Pride was held in our city back in July and we can reveal it’s returning bigger and better next summer with ESP proud to be a key partner.

The city was a little late coming to the Pride party but when the city finally hosted it the organisers did themselves and Peterborough proud.

Peterborough Pride 2019 will run from Friday June 28 until Friday July 5 and for the second year ESP will be supporting it.

We can expect to see performances, parties, gatherings and acts of solidarity all celebrating the city’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.

Lead organiser, Simon Green, told us: “This year’s event was the culmination of months of planning and the collective hard work and vision of a large number of dedicated individuals, businesses and organisations. Thank you to everyone involved and all who came out to party.

“It reached thousands of people with literally hundreds of events, performances, social gatherings and acts of solidarity across the city! We filled venues and the rainbow flag was proudly on display at too many places to list.

“That’s not to mention the 400+ people who marched through Peterborough city centre singing and dancing and the iconic rainbow flag flying from the top of the cathedral!”

Since last year’s Pride took the city by storm, Simon and all those involved have big plans to take it further in 2019 and are busy gathering more support.

“The support has been incredible and it has been wonderful seeing a community, particularly the younger voice who have felt forgotten, now grow in confidence knowing that the city is right behind them,” Simon continued.

“We want to build on this phenomenal success and would love to hear from anyone who would like to be a part in making this amazing event happen – especially those with skills and experience in ‘making things happen’; social media, PR, business engagement and fundraising.

“We are holding a special information session for individuals, businesses and organisations who want to host or lead an event that will feature in the Pride programme. This session will be on January 24 at Metal in the Chauffeur’s Cottage on St Peter’s Road, which is behind the Town Hall.”

ESP is already on board to support the next event so we’ll be keeping you posted. Simon and the rest of the team have the potential to make a real impact with next year’s Pride and if you also want to get involved you can call Simon on: 07484 772729.

Keep an eye on how planning is shaping up on Instagram: Peterboroughprideuk and Facebook: Peterboroughpride and ESP online.

Pep Cipriano


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