ESP was invited along to the launch of the new PizzaLuxe restaurant which has just opened near Peterborough. Our writer Darren Grigas was the man for the job and he enjoyed it so much... he even ate the crusts!

A new PizzaLuxe has just opened up on the edge of town at Peterborough Extra Services on the A1/A605 junction and I had to get down there to check it out and fill my belly.

Service stations usually get a bit samey with the all too familiar eateries, so from the moment we arrived it was a refreshing change to see this classy looking place giving an immediate feel that you’re not even at the services but in a restaurant in the centre of town.

The décor is very tasteful and to back it up so is the food and drink!

Cocktails and mocktails are on offer as well as a wide range of drinks to accompany a meal, we were served some delicious handmade thin-crust pizzas including a vegetarian and gluten free option and a delicious meaty feast. Both pizzas were amazing, I even ate all my crusts!

Once our meal was over the service and offerings were still going strong and we left with a bottle of signature takeaway hot sauce and a couple of cocktails, yeah that’s right takeaway cocktails, in a little jar, amazing.

PizzaLuxe is open all day including early starts for breakfasts too, so I’m keen to go back to see how a Full-English pizza with their very own breakfast sauce tastes!

And it doesn’t just stop at pizzas, but also their own spin on diner burgers with beef, chicken or veggie options served in PizzaLuxe house-baked rolls.

Peterborough is one of four PizzaLuxe locations with others already operating in Manchester, Leeds and soon Cambridge too. Founder Paul Goodale originally founded PizzaLuxe running from market stalls in Brick Lane, he went on to gain more than £300,000 in crowdfunding and began the now award-winning chain of restaurants.

We’re lucky to have one on our doorstep, so get down there to grab a slice of the action for yourself.

Darren Grigas

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