If you’re looking for a gift with Peterborough connections a new online gift shop is the place to head.

Whether it’s a Peterborough branded souvenir or a unique gift created by one of the city’s talented crafts people or artists, you can now buy online.

The recently launched has brought several talented artists on board already giving them a platform to sell their amazing products from paintings and ceramics to jewellery and candlesticks.

ESP has always shouted about the incredible talent Peterborough has to offer so we’re backing the new online project and will be featuring a number of the artists involved.

Inspiration for Kerry’s very individual style comes from a combination of African cultures, landscapes and symbols, all of which help her to create unique pieces.

Kerry is a member of the Designer Jeweller’s Group, The Society of Designer Craftsmen, the Suffolk Craft Society and Peterborough Artists’ Open Studios (PAOS).

“I am always looking for platforms to promote creativity in Peterborough. There is no centralised creative organisation with a fixed base, so it is lovely to be part of the bigger picture of Peterborough and all that it offers to its residents and visitors.”

 “I find that Peterborough is a very diverse city and I am hoping this will promote the amazing talent Peterborough has to offer.

“The site is a professional platform to assist the various levels of local artists to promote themselves.

“There is so much creative talent in Peterborough, it should be highlighted as such.

“The city is divided culturally and this is could be brought together through the arts and represented in a centralised space. The online shop is a perfect platform for this.”

“I have always studied art and been involved with creative pursuits all my life. I managed to get an apprenticeship with a German master craftsman in South Africa. This gave me a wonderful basis for my jewellery journey. I am inspired by African Landscape and the recycling process of precious metals and materials.

“I make jewellery mainly for women. I feel my jewellery has a recognisable style of its own. I have always made versatile pieces and my square rings are always a talking point.”

“Besides the obvious creative process that I thoroughly enjoy, it is the final product leaving on a satisfied customer. The transformation and enhancement of an individual through a piece of my jewellery is something I have never underestimated.”

To see Kerry’s range of jewellery and work by other local artists as well buy Peterborough branded souvenirs, go and browse the city’s new online shop and see what takes your fancy!

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