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A Peterborough mum’s new charitable project is helping the homeless take a step in the right direction.

ESP’s style expert Karen Miller found out more about how helping people feel better about themselves can help them walk tall and get their life back on track…

Shining a light on a new charitable initiative this month the Cold Feet Campaign is a not-for-profit organisation that helps source trainers, footwear and at some stage, clothes for the homeless.

Peterborough mum Gemma Halfhide (pictured) founded the venture with friends, Chris Leonard, Mitch and Dan who met on-line through their mutual love of adidas trainers.

The idea came about from when a mutual friend found himself homeless after losing his job and a relationship breakdown.

He was given a brand new pair of trainers by a random stranger, feeling and looking better he was compelled to change his circumstances and began applying for jobs and getting his life back on track. He’s now in full time employment and has never looked back.

This is a fabulous story of the impact looking good can have on your mental wellbeing.

It’s not all about the next designer pair of shoes or the most expensive coat, it can be as little as having clean, well cared for items that are practical and bring a smile to your face and make you feel confident.

After beginning the campaign just four weeks ago things have really taken off, Gemma’s kitchen is full of trainers and shoes that have been donated and are being re-conditioned and then delivered to people in need across the country.

At the beginning of the campaign they were sent some designer items that have since been raffled off with 100% of the proceeds going into the community fund to help people to pay for essential items when they move into a hostel or temporary accommodation.

What started out as a small venture certainly seems to have exploded into something that has the potential to be huge. Gemma, supported by her sons Dennis, Kray and Johnny will be applying for charitable status with the intention of securing funding to create a programme to help people develop skills such as shoe-shining, cleaning and restoring along with other life skills that will help them to succeed in getting their life back on track.

If you would like to donate or simply just keep up to date with what the team are doing you can follow them on Instagram @cold_feet_campaign or on Facebook

Karen Miller


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