As many shops have reopened this week, ESP’s Man About Town has been to check out how Peterborough city centre is coming back to life.

Pep said – “Like many people I had a few apprehensions about heading in after all this time but I was reassured by how people were handling the changes and how shop owners were doing their best to make you feel safe. There are plenty of people helping make your shopping experience easier, checking everyone’s social distancing and guiding you on what to expect once you’re inside.

“I thought it was all handled really well and felt confident to be out an about. We’ve all got to get used to the queue culture now so you do need to factor that in, getting what you need does take twice as long.”

Despite many shops opening up again we need to remember the virus is still with us and there are plenty of safety reminders encouraging everyone to keep their distance and stay safe.

The city council has installed plenty of posters around the streets which helps you keep this in mind.

Inside Queensgate the shopping centre has introduced a ‘stay-to-the-left’ and new one-way system, installed hand sanitisers, enhanced daily cleaning schedules and has two-metre indictors on the floor.

Mark Broadhead, Centre Director at Queensgate Shopping Centre said he was encouraged by both the reaction of retailers and shoppers – “It has been wonderful to start to welcome back our shoppers, as we support non-essential retailers reopening at Queensgate Shopping Centre.

“Spirits have been very high, and I’m delighted to see people being patient and respectful towards each other whilst observing social distancing guidelines.”

“I’m also pleased to see excellent safety measures in place within our retailers, making it safe and comfortable for people to enjoy their shopping experience. I would like to say a huge thank you to our staff, our retailers and our shoppers, this has been a challenging time and we’re positive we’ll get through this together.”

Council car parks remain free until further notice.

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