Time for more musings from ESP’s Man About Town Pep Cipriano has he dons his mask and heads back out there…


Almost five months have passed and we’re not far off getting back to a new normal.

Now is the most critical time since the pandemic began and I’m looking forward to easing my way back into a familiar structure and routine, but I can only do that if we all stay sensible and disciplined.

None of us want a lockdown part two like Leicester, so we need to remember that Covid-19 hasn’t just disappeared. It’s never going to go away but it can be managed and keeping it at arm’s length is simply down to us and how we behave.

So, when the bus driver or shopkeeper tells you to wear a mask then please do so – it’s law. When businesses set out safe distancing measures, please obey them. When you cough or sneeze, please do it away from others and into a tissue or your arm.

And when it’s a sunny weekend please think twice about pilling over to Hunstanton to prevent a repeat of beach scenes on the south coast happening again.

That’s a lot of ‘pleases’ from me. Peterborough gets enough unfair and poorly researched stick, so let’s not give people a reason to try and pull us into sinkable depths by joining Leicester and hanging our heads in shame.

How we behave now will shape our city’s reputation for years to come. Let’s be smart, not stupid, please (my final please).


We all know that us blokes find it difficult to talk about our emotions and general wellbeing issues let alone any mental health struggles we might be experiencing.

During the last four months in my column I’ve touched on the importance of trying to maintain an optimistic outlook during the pandemic.

It’s easier said than done when all of a sudden daily structure and purpose has been thrown into disarray and you’re having to rebuild routine and meaningfulness among so much uncertainty.

I’m not ashamed to say I’ve had the odd blip when overthinking and anxiety has momentarily derailed me – and that’s largely to do with being unemployed for eight months and Covid-19 has exasperated my situation. But although my status hasn’t changed, I still try and start every day with one foot in front of the other.

Recently local health specialists came together at a Men’s Mental Health in Peterborough event to demonstrate how men can take a positive, solutions-focused outlook on health and wellbeing.

I joined in online and was impressed with how candid and honest some of the speakers were about their own mental health frailties and how their organisations were taking steps to improve the mental wellbeing of their entire workforces, not just of men.

As a result of the event, pledges of help to create a greater hub of support for men and mental health in our city have been made. This includes an announcement from Paul Smith, business manager at Allia’s Future Business Centre.

Paul’s committed to ensuring Allia will be hosting regular, informal get-togethers for men to share their interests and gain further access to support for mental wellbeing.

If you want to pledge support and learn more about improving the mental health of men then email Ian for more details on

You can also watch recordings from the event’s presentations here


The 2020 Civic Awards are now open for nominations and it’s the perfect opportunity to get recognition for that person or community group that went the extra mile to help keep you safe during the pandemic.

Peterborough City Council launched the awards in 2014 to recognise residents, groups, organisations and businesses that make a real difference and help bring communities together.

I’ve attended a couple of the ceremonies and have always been in agreement with who won each category. I’ve worked with some of the previous winners and to see their reaction just to be nominated, let alone be honoured with a Civic Award, is a heart-warming experience.

The nomination categories are:

– Young Person

– Lifetime Achievement

– Community Involvement

– Business

– Environment

– Contribution to Art and Culture

– Contribution to Sports

This is your chance to hopefully reward someone who’s gone that extra mile for others and publicly acknowledge all that they do. Nomination forms are on the council’s website

Closing date for nominations is October 30.


According to a study commissioned by The National Lottery, growing your own vegetables, learning to bake and moving to the countryside are among the ‘new normal’ bucket list items.

The study of 2,000 adults found six in ten of us are now all about settling for quality of life with our ambitions for the future changing in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Learning the art of pottery and keeping chickens ranked more highly than skydiving or owning an expensive designer handbag. The world hasn’t gone entirely mad though, as there are a couple of what I’d consider ‘normal’ items still listed in the new top ten. Number seven being one of them.

  1. Grow your own vegetables/get an allotment

  2. Redesign your garden

  3. Learn how to cook/improve cooking/baking skills

  4. Drive-in cinema experience

  5. Move to the seaside

  6. Learn to speak a new language

  7. Create a pub/bar in your garden

  8. Move to the countryside

  9. Set up your own business

  10. Install a hot tub


August 13 is National Prosecco Day and I’d rather down a glass of petrol than that horrible stuff. Am I the only person who doesn’t like prosecco?

Why can’t we have National Snowball Day or National Cherry B Day instead?

But at least I can participate in World Photo Day on August 19. Here’s mine…


So, it’s been a few months of doom and gloom but fear not, Christmas is less than 150 days away! And this is why I love it so much: Panic food buying, more rain than we had in July, pandemic-spreading Christmas parties, another death of a 1980s pop icon, Toy Story 100th repeat, having to write return cards, pointless working until midday on Xmas Eve and being constantly asked: “Are you ready for Christmas?”


  1. Ravsi – your turn to talk for an hour

  2. John – beer (my) garden part two?

  3. Dave – let’s get the boat boys together!

  4. Phil – loved the player throwback interviews

  5. Austen – thanks for the insight

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