To mark World Book Day in Peterborough we thought we’d  get some great suggestions of what to read from our local authors…

We really do have some amazing local talent in and around Peterborough so ESP asked some of the area’s authors to tell us why it’s so important to celebrate books, reading and to name some of the great stories that we should be introducing our children to and reading now.

Ross told ESP – “The fantastic thing about books is that you can immerse yourself anywhere on the planet, or even another world, whilst lying on your sofa. There isn’t enough time to do everything in a lifetime, but you can read about most things. For children, this is particularly important. Reading about other people’s lives and their experiences makes you a rounder, kinder, more understanding person. Books help you comprehend the world and where you fit into it, and they can inspire you to great things.”

The book which inspired me as a child:  When the Lion Feeds – Wilbur Smith

“I read this first when I was about twelve. I found it in my dad’s garage. It was one of the first adult books I read, and it was so exciting and grown up that I couldn’t put it down. It made me resolve to travel and see the world when I grew up.”

The book which every parent should make sure their kids read: Goodnight Moon – Margaret Wise Brown

“Not particularly original, but lovely to read to your kids at bedtime. When they are old enough for you to read it together, it’s very special.”

A book which adults need to read right now: Where the Crawdads Sing – Delia Owens 

“A recent book, it has a simplicity that’s difficult to forget and made me remember how lucky we are compared to some.”

Tony told ESP – “For me, reading stories and books was a great escape from reality, and I think we need this more now than ever before in my lifetime. It’s important for parents to share this privilege with their children, because reading allows young people to make good choices in life as well as providing them with the tools required for a better education. Reading is not just for pleasure, but it is also a way to escape our surroundings and give ourselves to a well-constructed story. It doesn’t matter if it’s the greatest literature or pulp fiction or anything in between. If parents open up the eyes, hearts, and minds of their children, they also open up the gateway to a better world.”

The book which inspired me as a child: Alan Garner’s The Weirdstone of Brisingamen 

“Alan Garner’s The Weirdstone of Brisingamen not only enthralled me in respect of it being a terrific read, but it also inspired me to write. It’s a fantasy which takes place in an ordinary rural location in England, but looking back on it now I suppose it’s a Lord of the Rings Lite. But it was the first fantasy novel I’d ever read, and my imagination soared at this tale of wizards, magical creatures and quests.”

The book which every parent should make sure their kids read: A Christmas Carol, Charles Dickens

“It’s difficult to think of a book that every parent should make sure their child reads, mainly because my own childhood was so long ago, but also because my own daughter’s childhood is also way back in the past. However, for me a book that stands the test of time no matter what the generation, is A Christmas Carol, by Dickens. Not only is it a fine example of great writing combined with a creative mind, but it also teaches the reader a lesson about good, bad, and redemption. It tells us that it’s never too late to change, that there are always those who are worse off, and that the fortunate among us should ensure we pass it forward if we can.”

A book which adults need to read right now: 1984, George Orwell

“As for a novel no adult should let pass by… I wonder if Orwell’s 1984 has ever been more relevant. His dystopian view of totalitarianism, lives lived in dread and under control at all times was harsh and brutal at the time, but seems eminently plausible at the moment. Winston Smith’s struggle to survive and develop in a world in which individuality, free will and free speech are stamped down, with society surviving on a diet of fake news and a culture of fear, might well resonate with people at the moment.”

Hannah told ESP – “Reading broadens the mind, teaches tolerance and gives a thrilling adventure like no other – and all without leaving the house. Not only that, a good book will also inspire you to be a better person and create a better world.”

The book which inspired me as a child:

“Any book with an animal in it! The Animals of Farthing Wood, Charlotte’s Web and Narnia.”

The book which every parent should make sure their kids read: Running Wild by Michael Morpurgo

“Running Wild by Michael Morpurgo as it highlights the devastating effects of deforestation but also inspires children to show they can make a difference.”

A book which adults need to read right now:

“Becoming by Michelle Obama – simply wonderful.”

Darren told ESP – “Books are so important because reading is the purist form of escapism, this year has been tough, more than tough, and giving ourselves that time to escape is so important, for both us adults and for our children.”

The book which inspired me as a child:

“As a child, RL Stine’s book, Hit and Run stands out for me. I didn’t realise it then (or until about a year ago) that book massively influenced why I write thrillers.”

The book which every parent should make sure their kids read:

“Right now, in our house, my 6 year old and me are reading the Mr Gum book series by Andy Stanton. They are so silly, so fun, and a wonderful break from the world. (The audiobooks are hilarious too!)”

A book which adults need to read right now:

“And for adults. I have recently read a cracker of a book called The Last Thing To Burn by Will Dean, it’s brilliant!”

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