A new regular Jazz Jam Night event looks set to take Peterborough by storm following its recent launch at the Brewery Tap.


The event is to be held on the third Sunday of every month.  The evening is hosted by a ‘house’ jazz band formed of like-minded local muso’s who are passionate about jazz and blues and want to revive a music scene that’s seen a jazz/blues decline in presence in the city over the last couple of decades.

Jessica Loock, General Manager of  The Brewery Tap told ESP – “We are so excited about this event.  John Hammond at InSound Productions is an absolute pro to work with, the sound quality and stage management is second to none which is why so many pro-musicians are excited about getting involved.  The jazz and blues scene has been non-existent in Peterborough for far too long.  We hope to remedy that and make this event a regional hit.  We look forward to seeing many musicians and a huge audience for the next Jazz Jam on October 20.

At last a professional ‘Jam Night’ run by musicians for musicians!

There was a massive round of applause for the house band on the launch night consisting of Hugh Birkenhead – Keys, Martin Jewkes – Saxophone, Mike Miles – drums,  Lisa Hammond – vocals and Tom Clarke – bass. On the night a set/stage list is provided and any walk in enthusiasts can take to the stage and perform with the pro’s.  The ethos is the more the merrier and word on the street is that this event is going to see some very special guest performers in the future.

The event features…

. Live house band

. Fantastic venue and sound system

. Chance to hone your improvisional skills

. Meet & collaborate with likeminded musicians

. Authentic Thai cuisine available


Lisa Clark Hammond of the Tribute Show added – “I’ve had such a good night. Sang some songs I’ve never sung before and have always wanted to sing.  Thanks to the Brewery Tap and the great muso’s  I performed with – can’t wait for next month.”


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