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A fantastic new play area has opened at the shopping centre in Hampton which should make a shopathon all the more fun for the kids.

Cousins Amber, Felix and Jessica Hare had the first ride on the roundabout in Serpentine Green’s new playground this week.

The children, accompanied by their grandmother Mary Hare, were invited to open the new play park by manager Chantelle Watson after she spotting them looking longingly at the space when the building work was taking place.


Serpentine Green has acted on recent research and public demand for the new play area. Located beside Shopmobility at the south entrance, the area has lots of great climbing equipment, swings, a slide, a roundabout and some dino rockers to keep children entertained. And there are benches for parents and grandparents to watch the children play in comfort.

Mary Hare, said: “I think this new children’s playground is a fantastic idea and brilliant use of the space. We have watched it unfold over the last few weeks and my grandchildren have been really excited. 

“I think you can see from their faces how much they are going to enjoy playing here. They are really going to look forward to coming shopping at Serpentine Green, which is great for me too “

Chantelle Watson, centre manager, added: “The new play area will really enhance the shopping experience for young families and grandparents at Serpentine Green. It had been designed to give children the chance to have lots of fun at the Centre.”

Photo: Amber 8, Felix 5 and Jessica 5 trying out the roundabout at the new play area at Serpentine Green.


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