Cambridgeshire’s largest gaming venue is open right now, here in Peterborough! ESP sent reporter Mikey Clarke and friends along to take a look…

Angle Entertainment is a local company owned and operated by Adam McCarthy and Tiffany Collyer. They first opened three exciting new Angle Escape Rooms back in March 2020 before providing us with the city's first Axe Throwing experience.

They've since spoilt us with a new gaming venue with social, card, roleplay and retro gaming, virtual reality entertainment and much more.

Angle Gaming Lounge (located in Lincoln Road – below their Escape Rooms) is open now and I recently went to check it out. My friends and I unleashed our inner children by playing a selection of board games - both old and new. Add in the length of a few games of pool, plus a bite to eat and before I knew it, I'd spent multiple hours there. I loved every minute.

The venue is also home to the company’s second axe throwing range – following the popularity of their first, located at Peterborough One (PE1) Retail Park on Eye Road.

In their short time of being open, Angle Gaming Lounge has become an official Wizards of the Coast certified WPN Store and also a certified OTS store at silver rank for Yu-Gi-Oh – and they're looking to expand rapidly to reach their goal of Diamond Level Store!

Whilst that last paragraph won't mean anything to some, I'm confident that many gamers out there will appreciate these achievements.

Whether you're one of those hard-core gamers, or someone who has a slight passion and is simply looking to check out something new in the city, I highly recommend you give this place a visit. Great atmosphere and an all-round great time.

Visit for full details.

Mikey Clarke