It’s World Wellbeing Week (June 22 – 26) so ESP’s Health and Beauty columnist Emily Rawlinson rounds up her tips for better wellbeing…

With this week being dedicated to wellbeing I thought it would be a great idea to share with you some of my tips on how I keep my wellbeing good or improve it at certain times.

Sleep – on a nightly basis I struggle with sleeping and find it hard to switch off my brain at night. I find myself endlessly, pointlessly scrolling on my phone and suddenly it’s 1am and it makes waking up in the morning a struggle. One of the ways I improve my sleeping pattern is by setting a limit on the apps on my iPhone – once I reach my daily time limit, the app silences itself meaning that you receive no notifications which would usually cause you to go onto the app again. When this happens I try and put my phone away and instead read or just try to get to sleep. Secondly, I like to use sleep mists, a natural remedy known to help you sleep. I use the thisworks Deep Sleep Pillow Spray and the Deep Sleep Stress Less Roller which you apply to the pulse points on your body. I have found that these do help me to fall asleep quicker and would recommend trying them.

Eating – as you may know I am a big fan of chocolate and rarely go a day without eating some form of food with chocolate on it! However, when I’m not eating so well this definitely has an effect on how I feel inside but also tends to have a negative impact on my skin. If I’m eating greasy,fattier foods I will noticeably see a difference in my skin – I will have more breakouts and my skin will be more oily throughout the day. Something that I do to improve this is to get rid of all of my snacks and do a meal plan for the week – it’s amazing to think that by eating better foods, it can make you feel better on the inside and out as ESP’s nutritionist Karen Devine will often tell us, but she is right! (Read Karen’s Wellbeing columns on this site for more indepth tips).

Daily Affirmations – these are simple, positive statements about your daily goals. When I find myself procrastinating or out of my routine which is a lot at the moment, I find that by giving myself a daily affirmation it can help with setting myself up for the day with a positive mindset. It may be that I have a specific goal for that day, or a positive quote which I need to hear in the morning to get me going. You can find apps which send you a daily affirmation or positive message every day which is a good way to get into a routine of it, but I found setting goals specific to me were more beneficial.

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Take care,

Emily x

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