The audience at Madagscar, the latest musical at the New Theatre, were up for a ‘crackalackin’ time and the cast of this great show certainly delivered.

All the elements of the DreamWorks film were there and some energetic choreography, great tunes and clever puppeteers brought our favourite zoo crew to the stage in style.

X Factor winner Matt Terry stars as pampered lion Alex, roaring out some strong tunes and mastering some energetic choreography in his padded lion suit. The costumes and makeup for all the cast are really creative and our respect goes out to them for managing those dance routines in their animal outfits!

At the Central Park Zoo Alex the star lion, Melman the hypochondriac giraffe and sassy hippo Gloria are happy being the big attractions, but Marty their Zebra friend craves experiencing ‘the wild’.

A squad of penguins planning a great escape to return to Antarctica ignite Marty’s desire to see more of the world, but a failed venture out onto the streets of New York sees all the animals caught, popped into crates and sent off for a zoo transfer aboard a ship.

Once again the plotting penguins cause havoc and the gang find themselves washed up on the coast of Madagascar. While Marty is thrilled to be out in the wild, Alex the pampered lion misses his star turn at the zoo …but above all his delicious steaks.

It’s here they encounter the hilarious King Julien, the leader of the lemurs full of his own self importance and a character with some brilliant comic touches.

This is fantastic family entertainment from Selladoor so make sure you ‘move it, move it’ to the box office and snap up your tickets – it’s playing at the New Theatre in Peterborough until Sunday October 6.


Photos: Scott Rylander