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ESP’s food reporter Kelly Jackson is partial to a pizza so a birthday invite for Peterborough’s Pizza Parlour was one she couldn’t refuse…

Until recently, my only taste of the Pizza Parlour & Music Café in Peterborough’s Cowgate was a takeaway during the blistering heat of lockdown number 1. But not any longer!

An email had winged its way into my inbox (somehow escaping going straight into oblivion in the junk folder) offering me a free bottle of Prosecco with any main meal to celebrate my birthday. How could I refuse?

It was a good excuse to find out whether the food inside the restaurant was just as moorish and high quality as the takeaway pizza I’d had two years ago – safe to say, I wasn’t disappointed.

The Pizza Parlour & Music Café may be small, but it certainly packs a punch: a laid-back ambience, evocative music transporting you to decades past, flavoursome Italian food, and a unique wallpaper of iconic music legends sitting opposite vintage posters.

I tucked into a whole pizza – a La Napoletana all to myself (it was my birthday, so half a pizza accompanied by salad was never going to make the cut) – with Kurt Cobain peering over my shoulder from the wall behind, and the catchy sound of Foreigner in the background.

The pizza boasted a crisp-perfect thin base, having been cooked in a wood fire pizza oven, overflowing with an abundance of toppings. And it came already sliced – a sure winner!

As many of you will know, another highlight of The Pizza Parlour is its wide selection of cocktails. Even better, it was two cocktails for £7 – well, you need a beverage or two to wash down the pizza, right? I can recommend the Passion Nut and Gin Fizz.

The best-tasting pizza in town? The jury’s out, but I know my first choice for pizza in Peterborough.

Kelly Jackson

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