Updated: Aug 20, 2021

ESP’s personal styling and image coach Karen Miller from inStyle Consulting is an expert shopper and has this handy guide to how to make shopping the sales work for your wardrobe...

Has anyone else noticed how early the sales seem to start this year?

After what felt like forever stuck in lockdown we are moving towards returning to ‘normal’ whatever that is!

It’s time to shop, revamp ourselves and start living again.

However, without a plan, you may find yourself shopping recklessly, impulse buying and spending all that money you have saved on not commuting filling your wardrobe with one off pieces you will wear only once! Not ideal.

So in this article I’m sharing some tips with you to help navigate the sales successfully, as well as drawing your attention to some of my favourite items that will transition through the seasons effectively.

ALLSAINTS UK: Womens Sheringham Leather Shoulder Bag (cinder) £139.50

Review, Review, Review!

Review your current wardrobe and your lifestyle as it is now, not what it was a year ago.

Have a look at what is missing from your wardrobe, make a list of what you need to add and stick to the list.

This will help stop you from being tempted to buy on impulse.

Invest in ‘investment pieces’

The sales are a brilliant opportunity to purchase those items that you can’t quite justify paying full price for.

Think about what you need to complete your wardrobe, anything in a classic style, colour, material that won’t date is worth spending a little more on.

ALLSAINTS UK: Womens Balfern Leather Biker Jacket (cement_grey) £255

Invest in timeless pieces that will also transition into the next season, items like the trench coat, leather jackets, tote bags and dresses are all popular for autumn.

Poppy Midi Dress | Pink & White – south of the river london £55.00

Think Quality over Quantity

Buy quality pieces or investment buys that you know you will wear continuously regardless of the season or trend.

Stick to a colour palette you know suits you and will blend well with your wardrobe. You may love that neon yellow shirt but does it really love you back?! Avoid buying anything that doesn’t work with at least three of your existing outfits.

WHISTLES - Authentic high-rise wide-leg jeans |

Transition the seasons

We are already in August and that means there’s not much left of summer in England.

Therefore purchasing items in the sales that will enable you to transition seamlessly into autumn/ winter is a good idea, more so this year than previous years.

Dresses that you can layer over a fine knit sweater, Blazers that will go with jeans as well as a smart skirt or trousers, think about how you can ‘warm’ up those summer sales purchases so that you can wear them all year round. ]

Can you get a Refund?

It sounds really obvious but, some retailers especially the smaller independent businesses don’t offer refunds.

So, check the refund / exchange policy. Often during sale periods stores change the time that you have to return an item, or they won’t accept returns during the first couple of days of the sale. Always keep your receipts.

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