It’s time for your four-legged friends to enjoy a swim at Peterborough Lido!

Yep, you read that right. This year, the final swim of the 2021 season, will be a special ‘Dog Swim’ where owners can bring their dogs for an end of season dip in the pool.

event will take place on Tuesday September 14 , between 2pm and 7pm. Dogs can wag their tales along to the Lido with their owners, have a swim, relax on the grass with their doggy mates and even share an ice cream from the Café! Adults can accompany their pooches and swim with them in the water or closely supervise them whilst they go for a solo dip.

The popularity of dog swims has been rising at Lidos across the country, so the Peterborough Lido team has decided to jump on the craze and make the 14th September all about our canine companions.

General Manager, Steve Luker told us: “We have close links with other Lidos who have told us how popular their dog swims are, there aren’t many pools where you can bring your pets for a swim with you so we hope that it will be a lot of fun and a real success.

"The pool gets completely drained every year after the last swim of the season, so we thought, before we empty it, let’s go for it and invite the doggies along! If it goes well this year, we will look to expand the event further in 2022.”

Of course there are health and safety guidelines to follow and supervising dog owners must be over the age of 18 and take full responsibility for their pets whilst at the event.

The Dog Swim is a ticket only event, tickets cost £7 per dog and supervising adult and £4 per additional person. Tickets can be booked online

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