Green fingers? Keen on heights? Love history? A people person? Enjoy retail?

Peterborough Cathedral a unique place to volunteer!

Peterborough Cathedral is marking this Volunteers Week (from 1-7 June) with a call for people to come forward and help out in a range of different roles.

The Cathedral is looking for new volunteers to join the team of Welcomers, train as Tower Tour Guides, staff the Cathedral Visitor Centre, help with gardening, provide office support and serve in the Cathedral Shop.

“If you have great customer service skills and are friendly and enthusiastic then the Cathedral is keen to hear from you!” said Ed Bailey, the Cathedral’s new Volunteer Coordinator. “We welcome people from all backgrounds, faiths and nationalities and are keen to hear from anyone who might be suitable for these roles and would like to join our team of over 300 volunteers.”

People choose to volunteer at the Cathedral for many different reasons. Some enjoy the opportunity to spend time in the beautiful, awe-inspiring building, learning more about its history and helping to preserve its heritage. Others love to meet new people and become part of a friendly, welcoming community, learning new skills and building up work experience. Some see their volunteering as an extension of their faith. Often it’s a combination of all these things.

“When I think about being a volunteer at Peterborough Cathedral it makes me smile!” says Lydia Forrest who is part of the Welcomer team. “The building, its history, the staff, the other volunteers and the visitors from all around the world just make it so worthwhile. It’s time well spent!”

Lesley Hull, who is also a Welcomer says: “I absolutely love being a Volunteer Welcomer. It is such a beautiful building and I love introducing it to the visitors. I get to meet some wonderfully appreciative visitors from a range of different countries which has increased my knowledge of different cultures. As an added bonus I have met some of the other volunteers and as a result have made some new friends. When I retired I found that I missed the people that I used to work with and this has filled that void. I find it a wonderfully rewarding and sociable thing to do. My Tuesday morning at the Cathedral is one of my favourite times of the week.”

To find out more about volunteering at the Cathedral, contact Ed Bailey on 01733 355304 (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday) or email More information is also online at


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