We might be on lockdown but if you’re stuck at home it is a chance to use the time for a bit of TLC. If you’re starting to feel sluggish ESP’s Wellbeing columnist Karen Devine says it’s time to pep yourself up with some raw foods in your regular shop…

Spring-time is the best time to upgrade our diets, adding more raw foods which include juicy fruits, leafy greens, veggies, seeds/nuts (not roasted-salted ones), sprouted seeds/beans (think alfalfa, mung beans etc). Raw foods contain enzymes and lifeforce energy.

There are many benefits to adding more plant based raw foods in our diet, especially in the spring and summer.

Working up to 50% of our diets, some of those benefits include:

  1. Clearer skin

  2. Improving our waste management (bowel movements)

  3. More energy

  4. More youthful looks

  5. More hydration (think how much naturally structured water you find in fruits, leafy greens)

  6. Weight loss as the fibre can really help us to feel fuller for longer… and more

We can all add in that little extra by:

  1. Juicing – if you have a juicer

  2. Blending – fruits and leafy greens are a great way to enjoy a morning smoothie

  3. Fresh fruits for breakfast

  4. Take 1 large mix salad with a dressing (not too much oil), with lunch or dinner (or both)

  5. Eating chopped veggies whilst cooking – saves you heading for the crust off the bread!

Some people enjoy a full raw food diet for a spring or summer reboot/detox. However, adding 50% raw plant foods in our daily diet can bring lots of benefits

2-3 large carrots grated

1 handful chopped coriander

½ cup chopped walnuts (you can replace with pumpkin seeds if you cannot eat nuts)

½ cup organic raisins

1.5-2 tablespoons olive oil

2 tablespoons lemon juice

1 teaspoon maple syrup

1 teaspoon cumin powder

Sea salt to taste

This serves about 4 people as a side or 2 -3 as part of a larger salad for lunch/dinner. Mix all ingredients together and allow to sit for the flavours to infuse. Tastes great on day 2 if you have any leftovers.

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