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Mikey Clarke caught up with the former X Factor star and recent winner of Channel 4’s The Jump…

I was one of the millions that watched Joe McElderry win 2009’s X Factor. I remember wanting him to do well because he seemed to have a genuinely nice personality to go with the amazing voice. His endearing, good natured charm and sunny, warm personality have raised him to the ranks of one of Britain’s best loved family entertainers.

Joe, whose hit single ‘The Climb’ rocketed to number one, is bringing his 2014 ‘Set Your Soul Alive’ nationwide tour to Peterborough. Fans of the singer will be pleased to know that he’ll be performing at The Cresset on Friday March 14.

During my exclusive chat with the popular celeb, Joe explained what people can expect from the show. “It’s going to be fun. More importantly, it’s going to be a show that’s different to anything I’ve done previously,” he said. “Obviously the biggest songs from my albums will be performed, but songs have also been written especially for the tour. People will be hearing some tracks they have never heard before. I’ll be doing some opera, up-tempo, ballads… literally something for everyone. There are songs people will want to just sit down and listen to, and others that will hopefully get people dancing in the aisles.”

You may have seen Joe McElderry recently on Channel 4′s celebrity skiing contest The Jump. He beat journalist Donal MacIntyre with jumps of 15m and 17.5m in the live final in Austria. Joe described The Jump as – “A scary, intimidating, but amazing experience. I’m completely in my comfort zone when I’m singing, but with The Jump I was trying things I had never done before and it was terrifying.” Joe added, “I take my hat off to Olympic jumpers and will respect them forever. It takes a lot of skill to make a jump, and then there’s the pressure of competing for their country – I can’t imagine what must be going through their minds.”

Joe has released four albums, with all of them having their own unique sound. The singer told me this is because, “I like to try new things. Particularly in the UK, singers are put into a box and told that they have to stick to a particular style. I’m not afraid to try new things and take risks, as shown by me going from a pop album to an opera one.” After joking that I look forward to his R’n’B album, Joe joked that it would be released after his country & western one.

During our chat, Joe also discussed his experience on the X-Factor, the highlights of his career, and fans that have gone above and beyond to show their love towards him. Read what he had to say in March’s edition of ESP Magazine.

To see Joe McElderry live at The Cresset on Friday March 14, call the box office on 01733 265705 or visit

Ticket prices start from just £16.50.

Photos: Michael Walker Photography

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