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While you’re missing going out to gigs we’re bringing you the ESP Lockdown Lounge, special sessions recorded for us by talented local musicians to support the live music scene and keep you entertained.

Our latest comes from a particularly young but very gifted performer – 15 year-old Chloe Lorentzen who has already gigged well over 200 times and was set to appear at the live acoustic sessions at The Ostrich pub in Peterborough before lockdown hit.

So chill out and enjoy this very special set from Chloe, or get your mates to watch at the same time and enjoy a ‘gig’ together…

If you’d like to find out more about Chloe take a look at her website and you can buy her album My Time on there which features 11 original songs.

Her Facebook is and you can find out about future live events there.

If you feel like tipping her for his fabulous set you can do so via this Paypal link…

Enjoy previous ESP Lockdown Lounge sessions on this site which can be found under the ‘Music’ section from Rob Bull, Johnny Quinn and Jamie Walton.


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