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Not long to go until Peter Andre and Liberty X appear in concert in the city and we can’t wait!

Peter of course has a legion of fans who follow his TV reality shows and Liberty X have been propelled back into the limelight following the huge success of ITV2’s The Big Reunion with a follow up sereis set to hit our screens on Thursday September 5.

ESP’s Alex Jones caught up with Jessica from Liberty X for the latest gossip…

Alex – Liberty X recently appeared on ITV 2’s The Big Reunion along with other pop acts such as Five, B*witched and Atomic Kitten. Were you surprised by the reaction the show received?

Jessica – “I think we all were really. Going into it we didn’t know if anyone would care!”

The show received the third highest ratings on ITV2 at the time.

“Yeah it ended up being huge, the series was a hit and the live show at the Hammersmith sold out in something like 2 minutes.”

So how did it feel being back on stage again?

“We’re all loving it! Back when the band first got together performing was the best part of the job and we didn’t get to do it as much as we would have liked. Now it’s all were doing, so it’s just an amazing experience. “

While you’ve been away have you been keeping up with the pop star conditioning? Vocal training etc.

“Before The Big Reunion we were rehearsing like crazy to get the show together and to make sure that our voices and dance routines were all practiced and polished, so now we’re tour ready!”

It’s been a few years since you first got together. I hope this doesn’t sound offensive but can you perform the show with the energy you used to?

“Yeah we’re not getting the canes and walking sticks out just yet!” she laughs. “The show is as full on and lively as it ever was mainly because our fans expect that off us.”

You’ve got a healthy back catalogue now, have you got any favourites you like to sing?

“Being Nobody, and a personal highlight for me is A Song For Lovers. It’s got a really soulful vibe to it.”

You’re supporting Peter Andre at the Peterborough Arena on Saturday September 28. Have you worked with him before?


“We have, Peter is such a lovely guy. He’s exactly like he appears on TV he’s not putting anything on he’s just a genuinely nice guy.”

It must be great to know that you’ll be performing in front of 5,000 people in just a few weeks! The buzz from that must be addictive.

“It really is. It’s the most satisfying thing about doing what we do.”

However, I heard a rumour the band might be disbanding at the end of your December tour is that true?

“We have no end deadline to be honest. We got together for The Big Reunion and since then we keep getting asked to perform elsewhere so we’re just rolling with the punches at the moment. We love performing but it is harder to get together now. We’re all married and have families so things are different to back when we were 18 year-olds.”

I don’t know if you remember this but you actually appeared as ESP’s cover star back when you first stormed the charts!

“Really? Oh I’d love to see it!”

We’ll hopefully get you a copy at the Peterborough Arena!

“That’d be great thank you!”

Anything you want to say to your fans who you’ll be performing for in a few weeks?

“Yeah thanks for supporting us after all these years and we’re looking forward to seeing you all soon!”

Catch Liberty X as they support Aussie heartthrob Peter Andre live in concert at the Peterborough Arena at Alwalton on September 28. Eighties’ stars Billy Ocean and Alexander O’Neil play the venue the following night September 29.

For tickets to either concert visit, call 0871 220 0260 or pop into the Tourist Information Centre on Bridge Street, Peterborough.

The Big Reunion: On Tour starts Thursday September 5 at 9pm on ITV2.


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