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Nene Park Trust is urging people to follow Government advice as it closes car parks at Ferry Meadows.

Following the recent Government advice to stay local if getting active outside, Nene Park Trust is closing the car parks at Ferry Meadows from Tuesday March 24, and is encouraging people not to meet for social gatherings in the park.

In addition to closing the car parks, play areas within the park will also be closed off where it is possible to do so.

The Visitor Centre, Nene Outdoors, the Cafes and all toilet facilities at the park have already closed in response to the Government’s Covid-19 measures.

The park will however remain open to visitors arriving on foot or by bicycle to encourage and maintain a socially distanced approach.

Matthew Bradbury, Chief Executive of Nene Park Trust, said: “We are particularly concerned that visitors are using the Park for social gatherings and for the sake of us all, we would plead with residents not to do this and maintain a responsible and socially-distanced approach at all times. We understand this may well be difficult for some, however we must all do our bit to help reduce the spread of Covid-19.

“We recognise that connection with the outdoors is very important to maintain health and wellbeing and so Nene Park will remain open as it always has, but we encourage our local visitors to access the Park either on foot or by bicycle.

“Unfortunately we will be forced to take further closure measures if the Government’s advice is being ignored.

“We continue to thank all our visitors, tenants, staff and volunteers for supporting us through this challenging time. We are stronger by working together, and in doing our bit can ensure we support the national effort in containing this disease.”

The Trust, along with the rest of the outdoor industry, is advising Peterborough residents to:

  1. Enjoy active outdoor recreation in your local area, while practising good social distancing at all times

  2. Do not travel to popular tourist areas and reduce the risk of groups gathering in one place

  3. Stay close to home – consider low risk, familiar activities in local areas, such as a local walk or run

  4. Avoid public transport and social gatherings – keep active by travelling on foot or bike

To the extent that areas of the outdoors remain open, if you can get outside close to home while taking sensible precautions, then please do so. Now, possibly more than ever, staying active is vital to everyone’s physical and mental wellbeing.

No-one is ever far from a green space, such as a local park. To find the nearest green space anywhere in the country you can use the online tool at: Ordnance Survey (OS).


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