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Head down to Queensgate Shopping Centre today (May 31) and find Walter Droplet and Eco Warriors sat underneath a giant green leaf!

Little Eco Explorers in Peterborough can enjoy a selection of free games, fun facts, crafts and stories about the environment this half term. In a fun a friendly way, children can learn the importance of water by Walter and how to keep Peterborough tidy by the loveable Little Bug. Green Genie will also be sprouting up to talk about plants and mini beasts, with her trusted side kick William Wormsworth, the worm puppet.

“This is a really fun set of activities for parents to bring their little ones down to take part in, learn some interesting and important facts about the environment and have fun doing it,” says Michaela Middleton, Marketing Manager at Queensgate.

From recycling games of speed and skill to turning each little one into a droplet of water, simply turn up, join in on the day, have fun and love your environment.

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