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ESP went along to see the fantastic Burlesque musical Miss Nightingale at The Key and we think it’s one not to miss!

We thoroughly enjoyed the musical Miss Nightingale. When entering the auditorium you were immediately transported back in time to wartime London, with the ambience and subdued lighting and simple but effective set, plus appropriate music playing on the radio with the likes of George Formby.

The storyline for this Burlesque musical was easy to follow, but you had to concentrate to know who was in love with who!

Set in London in 1942 it’s a lively tale of sex, scandals and showbiz. Maggie Brown dreams of becoming famous as she nurses wounded soldiers in an East End hospital. With her songwriter George, a Jewish refugee, she auditions at every night club and cabaret bar in London without success. However, tTheir luck and lives change when they’re picked up by the handsome, charming and wealthy Sir Frank.

Suddenly the mysterious Miss Nightingale explodes onto the stage – ruffling feathers and shocking polite society with her scandalous exploits, outfits and risqué songs. She takes the West End by storm but there’s blackmail and intrigue along the way.

Each character excelled in their own right, with powerful voices from the three leads, especially Amber Topaz playing Maggie Brown (Miss Nightingale) who sang a staggering twelve solos and then duos and trios!  You warmed to her character immediately, and she had a voice similar to both Gracie Fields and Victoria Woods, which she maintained throughout. She displayed wonderful talent also in her dancing ability and burlesque type portrayal. The two lead male characters were equally strong in their singing – typical West End voices – in fact we could’ve been sitting in the West End!  The timing and choreography were perfect, with innuendoes also perfectly executed. The percussionist/drummer provided wonderful sound effects to add to the humour and movement which at times was very raunchy, with sexual innuendoes but all in an acceptable manner. 

After the show, Producer Keith Arrowsmith told us he was very pleased with how it was going so far, having only just commenced their run of 14 shows over the next few weeks, which started at Ipswich, playing to full houses.  Overall Miss Nightinagle is a hugely enjoyable experience and something completely different for Peterborough. The routines were very enjoyable with humour, sensitivity and sexuality and finishes up with a surprising classy Burlesque style striptease topless!

So, go and support a fantastic glance into the past as the show runs at the Key Theatre in Peterborough nightly at 7.30pm through until Saturday May 18 when there is also a matinee performance at 2.30pm as well as the evening show – it’s a night out not to be missed!

Tickets are £13.50 – £15.

Box office: 01733 207239.

ESP Reviewers: Pete and Sandee Lane

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