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The local community and their canine companions are being invited to a Community Dog Care Roadshow, hosted by the Wood Green The Animals Charity and Nene Park Academy, on Tuesday January 22 at 3.30pm until 5.30pm.

The city academy, based in Orton Longueville, has struck up a close partnership with the popular animal charity and has seen a number of their pupils receive a series of masterclasses in animal welfare and dog behaviour.

The community roadshow welcomes dog lovers from across the city to take advantage of exclusive welfare and behaviour tips, as well as receiving low cost flea and worm treatments, and micro chipping.

Madison Taylor, a Year 7 pupil at Nene Park Academy said: “Throughout our Hands On sessions we picked up some invaluable advice on how to work with and care for our pet dogs, and understand how dogs think and behave.

“It was great fun, and I think everyone with a pet dog should take part in these activities.”

Steve Howard, Vice Principal at Nene Park Academy added: “Nene Park Academy always aims to provide the community with the incredible opportunities that our pupils have access to. Animal care, and our partnership with Wood Green Animal Shelter, is just one of many extracurricular opportunities that we have on offer.

“The roadshow is the perfect opportunity for the rest of the community to take advantage of the animal charity’s knowledge and expertise.”

Wood Green Animal Shelter started the Hands on Zone initiative to educate young people about animal welfare and improve the welfare of animals currently living in their homes and neighbourhoods.

The campaign is also intended to empower young people with the skills and knowledge to become responsible pet owners in the future.

The Hands On Zone is in line with Nene Park Academy’s Pledges for its pupils. The Pledges programme respond to a range of activities that Nene Park Academy believes students should experience in order to develop the skills and confidence to complement their academic achievements.  The pledges are Participation, Leadership, Excellence, Diversity, Giving, Environment and Service.

To find out more about the community roadshow, please contact Wood Green on 0844 248 8181 or email

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