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There’s another reason for Corrie fans to get excited this month as our very own local hero Cassidy Little made his debut appearance on October 22 on the iconic soap.

War veteran Cassidy from Market Deeping who lost his lower leg in an explosion while on a tour in Afghanistan in 2011, has joined the cast of ITV’s Coronation Street as a mentor to the young amputee Jack Webster.

He will now appear in six episodes of the popular series playing Greg, Gary’s mate, who’s been brought into the school holiday club by Brian because Jack’s upset at being made to feel different since having his leg amputated after suffering from sepsis.

Cassidy is well known locally having won The People’s Strictly back in 2015 as well as for his various acting roles, but he told ESP the biggest surprise was the amount of attention he received from his home country of Canada which surprisingly has an army of Corrie fanatics!

“I know it’s popular in the UK – what I didn’t realise was just how popular it is in Canada. I did the best part of 15 interviews with Canadian media yesterday. When my agent put out the press statement the internet in Canada broke!

“They’re crazy for Corrie in Canada – this is massive to have one of their own in it.

“I’m really grateful. For so many people to be so supportive of me – I mean they know I went to war, that I got blown up, that I won the People’s Strictly Strictly and danced the Paso Doble – and now they know I’m going on Corrie and  they’re really excited, and that’s nice. I expect that from family and friends not strangers.”

Fans of the soap have seen Kevin Webster’s son Jack struggling to cope with having his foot amputated in recent weeks. It’s hoped Cassidy’s character Gregg, a Paralympic coach, will help lift Jack’s spirits.

Cassidy’s acted on stage, made guest appearances on TV’s Doctors and Holby City and has filmed his first feature film, a remake of the movie Doom, and is currently in the West End appearing in Soldier On, but appearing in one of the nation’s favourite soaps has been a whole new experience.

“The machine is so well oiled – there isn’t a kink. The actors are all unbelievably nice and kind and supportive. I had to say to them – if I make a mistake or step in the wrong place please go easy on me – and they were really good like that.

“I deliberately didn’t watch it beforehand because I thought I’d get starstruck on set!

“I think it’s awesome that awareness of veterans has been brought up in a soap, I take my hat off to Corrie for that, and disability – I like that they’ve used a disabled veteran,  to play a disabled veteran – it’s  a very smart move and there should happen more in TV.”

Keep an eye on Coronation Street on ITV over the next few days – it’s not often you get to see a Deeping guy on your favourite soap!

Then it’s fingers crossed that next year we see the release of the remake of Doom – Cassidy plays the pilot Morgan and it would be great to see our local hero up in his first feature film.

Photos: (C) ITV Plc 

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