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The closure of the Lakeside café in Peterborough’s Nene Park has proved to be a boon for another local attraction.

Noted local chef Charlotte Freeman who used to run the successful Lakeside enterprise is moving just down the line to head the catering at the Nene Valley Railway.

If the idea of a station café puts you in mind of curling British rail sandwiches, rest assured that nothing could be further from the truth – “Even things like a simple sandwich should be made freshly and using real bakery bread, not appalling supermarket white,” declares Charlotte.

As well as freshness, Charlotte is also committed to quality, eschewing bought-in dishes in favour of home made using the freshest of produce.

Although well versed in the savoury aspects of the culinary arts, her real love is cakes and pastries, so as you might expect a selection of her gorgeous confections will always be available along with a proper cup of coffee or a decent cup of tea.

Charlotte takes up her position ready for the month of April and her all new menu will be available from the 15th.

The Nene Valley Railway’s Turntable café is situated just off the A1 at Stibbington and is open 7 days per week from 9am to 4.30 pm.

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