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YMCA Trinity Group has revealed that the initial results from use of the Thrive mental wellbeing app are in – and the statistics are phenomenal!

The Thrive app, in partnership with YMCA Trinity Group, is a clinically effective tool designed to support student and staff wellbeing.

Within a three month period in schools located in Peterborough and the surrounding areas, the app identified many young people displaying signs of moderate to severe depression. Using the app, 27% of those students reported signs of recovery*, and 24% sought outside help from other support agencies.

But by far the most staggering result is the reduction in the potential cost of support for young people. For those using the Thrive app, the cost of support was shown to total just over £5 per person**, versus a minimum £270 for 1-to-1 treatment for a basic counselling programme.  Whilst not replacing face-to-face support, this shows how technology can complement provision and produce its own outcomes if used appropriately.

New statistics released by NHS Digital in November 2018 showed that mental health difficulties have risen by over 25%, equating to 1 in 8 young people aged 5-19 now experiencing problems – the equivalent of 4 in every classroom.

Ryan Armes, Project Manager at YMCA Trinity Group commented: “We’re delighted to see these initial results coming in for those using Thrive. The fact that we can deliver huge cost savings across our region for a concern that is only ever increasing, is extremely important to us. It’s no secret that mental health issues are reaching crisis levels among our young people, and there simply isn’t enough support. The idea behind the Thrive App is to try and catch some of the early warning signs, acting as a preventative measure to try and stop issues escalating.

“Thrive is a clinically effective tool developed by psychiatrists and psychologists. In our trials, the app identified many young people displaying signs of moderate to severe depression. Using the exercises and techniques within the app, more than a quarter of these students reported signs of recovery, whilst others sought external help – we’re very proud that the app is showing such promising results already and we hope to help even more young people in 2019.”

Over 11 schools in Peterborough and the wider region are now using the Thrive app, and it is soon hoped that Peterborough City Council will be rolling out a programme across other schools in the city.

The app uses a number of clinically effective techniques to assess users’ overall wellbeing and provides support tools and strategies in an engaging, entertaining format. The app is available to over 1 million people globally and the YMCA and Thrive partnership is enabling schools to join this community from just £2 per user per year – a fraction of the open market cost.

To find out more, schools should contact YMCA Trinity Group on 01733 373187 or

More information is also available on YMCA Trinity Group’s website:

*Measured based on NHS guidelines – PHQ9 moderate/severe scores being reduced to negative consistently over a two week period

**Based on number of moderate/severe screens against cost of downloads


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