Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

Platforms: Xbox Series X/S / Playstation 5 / Nintendo Switch / Xbox One / Playstation 4 / PC

Pegi Rating: 7

Reviewed Via Xbox One X, Out Now

After a thorough playtest with my eight-year-old son Joshua – we both found the force to be strong with this next evolution of Lego games.

First and foremost, The Skywalker Saga – which covers all nine Star Wars films –

doesn’t just re-hash previous iterations of the franchise, but rebuilds it from scratch with a far vaster universe that has a host of planets with hub worlds (outside of the movie storylines) – from Coruscant to Kamino – that include puzzle solving and character unlocking.

As well as attacking the game in which trilogy order you desire – from The Phantom Menace, A New Hope or The Force Awakens – the game also boasts by far the biggest Star Wars roster ever, with some 300 characters (eventually) at your disposal – including fan favourites from recent Disney+ series like The Mandalorian – with a new class system that evolves via Kyber bricks collection.

With advanced combat, cover and flying mechanics to also accompany the more defined landscapes, this feels like Star Wars on a much grander scale – and is quite simply a joy to play with Luke, Han, Leia, Rey, Darth Vader and co.

Combine that with the tried-and-tested Lego comedic formula, and this is without doubt the best Lego version of the series from a galaxy far, far away, yet – despite the odd ‘buggy’ moment here and there.

Do or do not, there is no try. Joshua and I strongly suggest you ‘do’.

ESP Rating: 4.5/5

Gavin Miller