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Stressed students and staff at University Centre Peterborough can now chill out with free online yoga.

It’s time to give Joe Wicks a break as UCP are offering a way for degree students and academic staff to exercise their mind and body via YouTube during lockdown.

Working in conjunction with Claire Ellender who is an experienced yoga instructor, UCP are now offering free weekly 45 minute online yoga sessions for students and staff to help with their mental and physical wellbeing.

The free classes are designed to be suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced participants so everyone of all abilities will be able to come along to a peaceful place and begin to access their inner calm.

The yoga sessions will be geared towards anxiety management and relaxation, which will draw on different styles of yoga, mindfulness-based stress reduction and meditation techniques.

Liz Knight, Academic Director at University Centre Peterborough said: “Setting aside some time to look after our mental and physical health via these mindfulness sessions is a great opportunity for both students and staff to reconnect with their mind and body during a particularly difficult time.

“We now find ourselves in the third lockdown, so it is more critical than ever that we continue to do all we can to safeguard our wellbeing and to find ways to manage the many stresses of daily life. University Centre Peterborough hope that everyone will feel the many benefits from attending these virtual wellbeing sessions.”

University Centre Peterborough has 850 students studying higher education qualifications at their campuses in Peterborough and Stamford as well as at partner organisations who will be benefit from this initiative. Before the January lockdown commenced, students were receiving a blended learning approach with a combination of face-to-face and online teaching so these sessions will help continue weekly social interactions.

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