From growing up in the Peterborough area Tori Lamour has established a growing fanbase, playing local festivals with Metallica inspired rock and by touring around the UK. More nationwide tour dates will soon be announced but you can catch the band live at The Met Lounge, Peterborough on Friday May 3.

The gig will highlight their forthcoming album Forged by Fire. This is their second album and will be released on April 8. The band have also released their first music video from the new album, Run Until You Fall, and it’s available on YouTube.

We managed to catch up with Tori while she was in Peterborough working on the album and asked where the album title came from.

“We decided that we would go for a name that summed up the last few years rather than just the theme of the album,”  said Tori. “It’s not been an easy journey. We’ve  had many members come and go, many trials and personal problems to deal with but have always believed if we were patient the right people would come along (out of the fire). I now have a fantastic band and we are all on the same page which is so important. The fact that everybody is pulling in the same direction is awesome.

“I’ve worked with musician/producer Andy Nicholls on the first album and guitarist Matti Acraman’s been writing with me for over 3 years now. Our second lead guitarist Dan Vassell we headhunted on Facebook, YouTube etc. We loved his playing style and songwriting and thought he was perfect for what we needed. We offered him the job and he took it.

“The final slot was filled by Reece Murdoch our new rock solid bass player. Reece was one of the first bass players to apply for the job but some how we missed his email. We auditioned 18 bass players and none worked out. Eventually we stumbled across the email and the perfect bass player was sitting there all the time.

“I’m so happy with the band and look at them as my brothers. I really can’t wait to tour with them now. We’ve also just been approached by a promoter from LA so a USA tour is looking more and more likely now too.”

To see Tori Lamour locally with full support at The Met Lounge call the box office for tickets on 01733 566100 or it’s £6 on the door.

The band have already started putting together tours in the UK and Europe and songs for a third album so we will be seeing much more of them.

If you like Rock, Melodic Metal etc Evanescence, Nightwish, you might want to look them up – Twitter @torilamour, enquiries:

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