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Another top street artist is set to visit Peterborough as the Urban exhibition brings star names to the city.

A packed event at Peterborough Museum and Art Gallery on Saturday (February 12) saw guests putting questions to My Dog Sighs, aka Paul Stone, who has some of his work displayed in the Urban exhibition.

City Culture has announced that Pure Evil will be the next star artist to come here as part of the exhibition celebrating leading street artists. It runs until May 29 and has brought some amazing artwork to Peterborough including pieces by Banksy, Damien Hirst, Kaws, Blek Le Rat and many more.

There are several pieces on display by My Dog Sighs who’s renowned for using a vast array of reclaimed materials, including oil drums, bottle caps and tin cans to create his pieces, as well as his stunning murals of eyes painted on walls across the world.

The artist came to the Museum to sign his new book, INSIDE, which details his 2 year project working on a ground-breaking installation in an abandoned casino in Portsmouth.

He revealed how it was put together and answered questions from the audience about his work before signing copies.

It was the second date in Paul’s tour and he told us it was a fantastic evening – “It’s always good to chat to people and tell them the story of how I got to where I am – it’s been a crazy story with lots of mad things happening and I never imagined when I started out that I would be standing in a museum talking about my work with it hanging on the wall.

“What I loved about street art when I stepped into that was how democratic is. It’s something everyone can walk past and enjoy with the everyday man on the street or kids walking to school – it’s the opportunity to make them stop and think about the world and how it works, just change their view of the world in some way.”

Standing beside one of his paintings of a beautiful eye on display in Peterborough Museum Paul said – “I guess I’m known as the artist who paints eyes but I always say I’m not the artist who paints eyes, I'm the artist who tells stories hidden in the reflections – there’s always as story inside. Come along and judge for yourself what this story might be.”

The Urban art exhibition continues until May 29 and one of the other featured artists, Pure Evil, will be appearing at the Museum for a talk and Q&A on Friday April 1.

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