Peterborough City Council is asking you what you’d like to see in the city over the next few years.

For the last 14 years here at ESP Magazine we’ve been pushing all the positives this city has to offer, but we all have aspirations for our home town and now’s our chance to have a say in what we’d like it to become over the next 15 years.

We’re all being asked to come forward and have a say on plans to make Peterborough city centre bigger and better so go on, dream a little…

You have six weeks from February 8 to comment on current proposals as part of a public consultation on the City Centre Plan, which sets out Peterborough City Council’s vision of future city centre growth.  It features a major extension to the city’s main retail area and a brand new 100-acre riverside development.


Other elements include improvements to swimming and sporting facilities, a provision for a new cinema and better walkways and accessibility throughout. The plan also makes provision for an increase in the number of homes in the city centre and modern office space.

A state-of-the-art film’s been produced so you can take a virtual tour across the city centre visiting all the various development sites, which includes the Station Quarter and the regeneration of Fletton Quays, part of plans to make more of the River Nene as a feature in the city.

You can watch the film by visiting the city council’s website or by heading to ours www.espmag.co.uk – it’s worth a view and helps you get your head around some pretty wide ranging developments that could have a big impact on our city.

There are a number of ways you can involved with the consultation and have a say. The consultation will begin on Friday February 8 and end on Thursday March 21. A public exhibition will be held for three days at Queensgate Shopping Centre from February 21 to 23 so you can take a look-see at the plans being suggested.


City council leader Marco Cereste, says –  “This is about making the city centre bigger and better. We want residents to take part in our consultation and to tell us what ideas they have. Our vision is to create a modern regional shopping and leisure destination, one that is well connected and with a thriving riverside area bustling with restaurants, high-quality housing and leisure.


“We want to build a city centre where people want to work, live and enjoy themselves. This plan will guide new development and make it clear to developers and investors what the vision is for our city centre and how they can work with us to achieve it.”

Following input from this public consultation and subsequent Government sign off, it is expected the plan will be adopted in late 2014. The City Centre Plan sits alongside the already adopted Peterborough Core Strategy which is the overall plan for the development of Peterborough up to 2026.

The full consultation draft version of the City Centre Plan can be viewed at www.peterborough.gov.uk/citycentreplan where you can make comments online or by email to planningpolicy@peterborough.gov.uk.

Copies of the full plan, leaflets with information to take away and the fly-through video are available in your local library throughout the consultation so go on – you’ve probably moaned enough in the pub about what you’d like to see so now’s your chance to tell the powers that be!

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