Zong Zing – a Congolese phrase for All Stars – are one of THE most dynamic dance bands on the block. You’ll find it impossible to resist following their dance moves and will be dancing in ways you never imagined!

Lead guitarist Fiston Lusamba learned his craft alongside members of Staff Benda Billi. The whole band are heavyweight, with massive credentials from Orchestra Virunga, OK Jazz, Big Music, Matimbilia, Rumba Ray and Taxi Pata Pata.

They play ‘Cavacha’ – with intricate guitar picking from three guitarists, soaring vocal harmonies and driving percussion – one of the most infectiously danceable musical styles in the world and the roots of Soukous, Makosa and Coupe de Callez.

Dance is the order of the evening – you have been told! With DJ FREESTYLE from COLOURFUL – it’s a cinch!

Get ready for a great night out with a difference at the Key Theatre on Saturday May 10.

Tickets are £15 (£12.50) on 01733 207239,


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