Dave Myers and Si King, best known as the Hairy Bikers, brought their unique wit and wisdom – and a few copies of their new book – to a special book signing event at Waterstones in Peterborough on Tuesday March 11 and ESP went along to say hello…

Over 100 people turned out to see the popular pair who have visited the city on two previous occasions and once again they spent plenty of time enjoying some banter with their fans.

A letter was delivered to the store asking if they’d like to stop off for tea on the way home but we don’t know if they took up the offer!


Their latest book ‘The Hairy Bikers’ Asian Adventure’ ties in with their current BBC TV series – copies are available at Waterstones on Bridge Street for £15.99 (RRP £20)

Si told ESP – “What’s nice about this book is that it’s a bit of a journey because there’s some recipes that you wouldn’t have heard of but you would be familiar with tastes and textures.”

Prior to their Asian Adventure series Dave had of course been wowing us with his dance moves on Strictly Come Dancing of which he said – “I loved it. For a middle-aged man with two left feet, I got through to week seven!”

“Dave did well though, didn’t he?” added Si. “He’s still picking the sequins out of his teeth but he did well!”


ESP’s Lorenzo Monteforte chatted to the guys after the signing. You can read more in the next issue of ESP and watch our video below for revelations about glitzy leathers… and err… how astronauts go to the loo in space! [youtube id=”lT7zwO6eRfA” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Photos: Chris Brudenell for ESP Magazine.

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