Just Be Kind – you couldn’t have picked a better title for a book this year, particularly one about the NHS.

Peterborough street photographer Chris Porsz has become well known locally for his great photos of local people and places he’s taken over the years – and in his main job as a paramedic he’s had unique access to capture many images behind the scenes of the NHS over the last 40 years.

His latest book featuring many of these wonderful pictures couldn’t have been better timed and is now gaining national publicity.

Here at ESP we have always been impressed by his work which has created a unique social history of the city and we’re pleased to feature more of his images which are sure to raise a smile.

From life saving moments to touching images of care and compassion as well as giggles behind the scenes, his fond portrait of the Peterborough NHS workers who’ve likely touched many of our lives over the years is a fantastic tribute to what they do.

It’s been such a tough year for those working in the NHS, including Chris, but when he’s asked what he’s found most heart-warming in the crisis he told us – “How essential workers from all over Europe and the world have made great sacrifices in looking after us and without them our care homes and the NHS would collapse overnight  

Chris (pictured below) says recent events have made him value friends and family even more and have him resolve – “To seize the moment before it is gone and that’s why I am cracking on with my next book Reunions the sequel.”

His photography is a passion but working as a paramedic is stressful and we all need a distraction at the moment so we asked Chris what books or TV shows he turns to for a boost.

Curb Your Enthusiasm which makes me laugh out loud and the late picture editor Harold Evans seminal work ‘Pictures on a Page’ which has inspired my street photography.” or contact him via his Facebook page.

It costs £21 including p&p with part of the proceeds going to local Breast Cancer Research.  .

You can also purchase Chris’s various other photo books on including a new calendar featuring selected images from his book, Barking!

Photos: Chris Porsz

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