Admit it. When lockdown eased one of the first things we were all desperate for was to hop back into the salon chair to tame our tresses. We emerged with some real hair horrors, colour catastrophes and guys sporting wild beards! It wasn’t pretty.

Stylist Ellen Steadman had always wanted to run her own hair salon but just seven weeks after throwing open the doors to her new business Steadman & Co, lockdown meant she had to close them again. However, this ambitious new business owner had fortunately put some reserves in place and is now back up and running at the PE1 shopping centre in Eye (next to Van Hage), is busier than she’d hoped for and is even recruiting for a new stylist to join the team.

“I started my own salon as it’s always been a goal of mine; to become a great stylist and create an awesome salon experience for all my clients. I really enjoy working with hair, and I especially enjoy colouring – the challenge of creating a masterpiece that someone is going to love and be proud of. Everyone wants to feel their best and that is what I love the most – creating happy hair days.

Whilst I may be a young independent business owner, I relish the challenge to push myself out of my comfort zone, and opening Steadman & Co has definitely pushed my limits! I’m careful to listen to others and take advice from fellow stylists and my parents – they’ve been absolutely incredible in supporting this salon. It’s been a team effort and we’re still not out of the danger zone, but one thing I do know is that we’re all working extremely hard and that no one can ask for any more than your best effort.”

A chat in the salon chair can also be a bit of therapy. Ellen says hearing everyone’s lockdown stories has made her realise taking care of our appearance is a real part of our mental wellbeing.

“I think lockdown has been a complete mixture of good and bad. Good for people to actively take a step back, re evaluate everything they have around them, and the slower pace has allowed everyone the chance to recharge their batteries. It especially did mine!

“We’ve all learnt to appreciate barbers and hairdressers. And the barbers and hairdressers have all missed you! We managed to rebook 600 clients from March-June, and are working super hard to get everyone back to feeling hair happy. It’s actually great to sit and listen to their lockdown stories, and see what condition their hair is in and what they’d like us to do. Hopefully popping in to see us can help clients feel as though they’ve invested in self care and it’ll improve their wellbeing too.”

It’s now time for this new salon to get established and really show what they have to offer. So what sets them apart from the rest?

“I think it’s important to recognise that every salon works hard and each hair stylist has their own creative flows,” says Ellen. “I’ve solely tried to focus on my own strengths and implement these into my salon, and recreate the kind of salon I’d like to visit. Therefore I’ve tried to create a higher end, full experience salon, where hopefully clients feel as though they’ve escaped for a few hours from daily life, and have entered into Steadman & Co to relax, feel refreshed, pampered and rejuvenated.

“So far all our clients have left our salon feeling fabulous and refreshed – so hopefully we’ll continue to gain momentum and new clients. Pop in and say hello to us, Ellen, Vicki, Sophie, Natalia, and Emily our Beauty Therapist.”

Steadman & Co, PE1 Retail Park, Eye, Peterborough.

To book an appointment or to enquire about the stylist vacancy just call 01733 223424 or visit

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