She might only be 14 years-old but Stamford schoolgirl Brooke Fleming is about to journey through time in an exciting new teen TV adventure.

The local teenager secured the lead role in The Luna Squad against 5,000 other hopefuls who auditioned and it’s now set to air on Amazon Prime Video this month.

The show’s director Leon Mithcell is formerly from Peterborough and the concept was created by Leon and the team at Cinalight Studios. Think the 1980’s blockbuster The Goonies.

In addition to the show, The Luna Squad youngsters also feature on the music release to major digital stores as a pop super group, a 2 part cover comic and a number of UK appearances. The song ‘Starlight’ from the show has already gone into the iTunes top 100 global pop chart.

Brooke is studying drama and along with acting in the school productions she also has some experience of working on student films for university students. Now she is about to get her TV break and star in The Luna Squad. ESP caught up with Brooke to find out more…

ESP – What has it been like to go through this audition process and secure the lead role?

Brooke – The audition process was exciting and when I got the call from Leon Mitchell to say I had the part I was so happy. I am very grateful for the part and all of the opportunities I am getting from it. I am so pleased to have the lead role as there were so many talented people at the auditions.”

What made you go for it – have you always wanted to act?

“I have always been more creative but it wasn’t until I moved up to high school that I started to pursue acting further and in a more professional way. I would love to have a career in acting so I started looking for opportunities. I went for the part hoping I would be involved in the show somehow and am I so pleased I did!”

“It is funny because when we first started filming the release date felt like ages away and whenever I think about it I still think it is ages away, but it is now actually about to happen and in a few days time the first episode will be out there! It is a great feeling.”

What’s going to be so good about the show – why do you think young people will like it?

“The mix of the personalities in the squad means everyone can connect to someone in the group. The style of the show is mysterious and exciting but with a bit of comedy too. I think it will appeal to a wide range of people. From the bits I have seen so far I think it will spark curiosity in people as they watch it as they try and work it all out.”

What has been the best part of this experience so far?

“The best part has been spending time with the rest of the cast. All of the squad members get on so well which has made the whole experience even more exciting as we have so much fun together. I have made some great friends.”

Tell us about the single – is this another part of what you would like to do?

“The single has been really fun to record. I can’t wait to get back with the rest of the squad to record some more. Before The Luna Squad I hadn’t really thought about working in music other than musical theatre style activities, as acting was my focus, but I am really enjoying it and the songs are really catchy! I think the new single will be a great addition to the show.”

“The lockdown has made things different to what we had planned. We have missed out on some promotional events and filming has been delayed but it has also had its benefits. We have had some fun by recording some lockdown shows using our phones and we have been able to reach out to a wider audience as everyone is at home and online more! Got to look for positives!”

How have you been coping at home and what have you been missing most?

“I am missing seeing my friends and family, it’s not normally something you think about and we just take it for granted, but now that I can’t see them I’ve realised how much they mean to me. My family don’t live close by so even with some of the restrictions lifting I have still not been able to see them. Of course I have been messaging and Facetiming them but it is not quite the same. But I think this sacrifice is very small in comparison to those working on the frontline.”

“I love Ashley’s perseverance and resilience as she is willing to stand up to the unknown to fulfil her curiosity. I can’t wait to see how her character develops as the show progresses.”

If you could go on similar adventures – where would you like to go?

“I would love to go on a similar adventure to the squad because it is an incredible and unforgettable adventure. If I could go on an adventure in this world it would be to see areas where it is almost untouched by humans and explore the natural world. If I could go on one out of this world then I think anywhere would be amazing!”

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