A popular Peterborough podcast created by two former local radio colleagues to keep us positive during lockdown is about to celebrate its 50th episode.

Former BBC Radio Cambridgeshire presenters, Paul Stainton and Ronnie Barbour, got together to have a laugh and try to lighten the mood during a difficult time and on Monday May 25 they will record their 50th ‘Antidote’ podcast.

The former radio broadcasters say they’re not afraid to tackle the big topics of the day and many of the small ones too, and that in fact many of the topics are not topics at all and in some cases they could be classed as ramblings.

“We are both would be entertainers and we felt at this difficult time we had a responsibility to try and make people laugh, mainly at Ronnie’s little white legs.

“Quite rightly the media is full of education and information right now, but they have forgotten about entertainment – people need to smile more than ever at the moment.”

There certainly appears to be an appetite for the ‘Antidote’ podcast which has over five thousand downloads.

Ronnie adds – “We record it over Facetime and it is difficult to be creative whilst staring at Paul’s big head every morning but his range of stripey shirts do offer me some comfort and remind me of happy times on Brighton seafront.

“If we can make one person smile every day, it’s an achievement, especially considering the material we have at our disposal.

“We don’t want awards and frankly, we don’t expect to receive any, but we would like to be recognised by our peers one day, particularly Lord Allen of Hallam, who eats a lot of salmon and drinks beer by the gallon.”

Stainton and Barber’s daily ‘Antidote’ podcast is available on Apple, Spotify and is available to download here at Anchor FM–Ep–48-eec01r/a-a28ns4v


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