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So what would a Shakespeare production be like if one of the cast was drunk as a lord?

Here’s your chance to see the hilarious results as Sh!t-faced Shakespeare® bring their latest show to The Cresset theatre in Peterborough on Wednesday October 26.

Macbeth is one of Shakespeare’s most famous works and arguably, the greatest play ever written. It’s a dramatic epic about greed, ambition and the heights and depths of the human condition.

Now, imagine it being performed by a rotating cast, one of who is completely inebriated? That is the very essence of Sh!t-faced Shakespeare® as they bring their unique interpretation of Macbeth to Peterborough.

Sh!t-faced Shakespeare® presents: Macbeth is a side-splitting combination of a faithful adaptation of this Shakespearean classic, complete with one worse-for-wear cast member.

The night before the show, an actor is given four hours to “wet the whistle” by consuming as much alcohol as they can get their hands on. This is classical theatre as it was always meant to be seen; with a gin in one hand, a cup of wine in the other and a flagon of ale lined up next.

Featuring wasted witches, boozy best friends, hammered hell-hounds, unhinged wives and enough crapulous kings to give Game of Thrones a run for its money, this is Shakespearean theatre as you’ve never experienced it before... What could possibly go wrong?

Find out for yourself on Wednesday October 26 at The Cresset. Book your tickets now on 01733 265705 or visit


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