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Blood Brothers – Emotional, Gripping and Touching.

As the Broadway prepares to close its doors on Saturday January 11, they have one final production for you to see; and believe me, you will not want to miss it!

This is the musical that delivers in every capacity starting with the storyline through to the exceptional performances of each cast member. Created by Willy Russell, the 1983 production began with the opening line – ‘Have you ever heard the story of the Johnstone brothers?’  This instantly provides us with mystery and an eagerness to learn more about what was about to be explained.


Blood Brothers tells the story of how twins Eddie (Mark Hutchinson) and Mickey (Sean Jones) are separated at birth due to their mother, Mrs Johnstone, being trapped by poverty and needing to survive with seven other mouths to feed. Eddie was chosen by Mrs Lyons (played by Tracy Spencer) who brought him up surrounded by wealth and fortune.

Whilst being brought up into different worlds, the two brothers are brought together through playing in the streets and build up a relationship as neighbours unaware of their relationship. When it comes to light they were born on the same day, and are the same age of ‘7 but nearly 8’, the two boys declare their friendship to a whole new level and become ‘Blood Brothers.’

Some of you may recognise Mrs Johnstone as one of the Nolan sisters, Maureen. Her character was presented really well, allowing the audience to bond with her from early in the performance when she was put under pressure to make a decision regarding the welfare of her family. I believe Mrs Johnstone had the best numbers including ‘Easy Terms’, ‘Tell Me It’s Not True’ and the repeated, but slightly altered ‘Marilyn Monroe’. They were truly sung with meaning and from the heart, extinguishing uncontrollable and upsetting emotions at the end.

As we all know, the truth has a way of coming out and as the identity of the twins is revealed it leads to tragic consequences later on in the 3 hour production.

All I can say is that not a moment went by where I didn’t feel gripped by the show. Whilst there was comedy, there were also heart-touching moments, leading to the ultimate finale leaving hardly a dry eye in the theatre.

The show was enjoyed by all as it was given a well-deserved standing ovation. I would certainly recommend this to all adults and teenagers as it is impressive and inspiring… like Marilyn Monroe!

Blood Brothers runs throughout the week with the last show on Saturday January 11. Pop into the The Broadway box office or call 01733 822225, – you’ll regret it if you miss it!

Lorenzo Monteforte


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