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Holidays are on the way and if you want to look great and need to give your skin a boost My Body Essentials have just the thing!

Did you know that a Radio Frequency (RF) treatment is also known as the non invasive ‘face lift’?

Producing heat at a frequency that successfully improves a number of skin issues, giving excellent results for conditions such as acne and rosacea.

Repairing collagen, restoring and tightening skin and so reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

RF also encourages toxins to drain from the layers of skin giving an even skin tone, smoother texture and a brighter, healthier look.

For best results a course of between four to eight RF sessions is usually recommended.

My Body Essentials is now located at Shrewsbury Avenue (near the Party Shop) and has some great summer offers on with 40% OFF hair removal and 25% OFF skin rejuvenation treatments so to find out more call 01733 305102.



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