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Peterborough Museum’s latest exhibition, Proud to be POSH, has kicked off in style with hundreds of people already visiting since its launch in mid June.

If you’re a die-hard supporter of Peterborough United FC, don’t worry the full time whistle hasn’t been blown on this exhibition yet, it’s running all the way through the summer until September 4.

One lifelong Peterborough United fan who’s delighted to see his team honoured with this special exhibition is talkSPORT radio’s Adrian Durham.

Adrian, live football presenter at talkSPORT, is originally from the city and remains a high profile supporter.

He told ESP it’s a must-see exhibition – "The Posh have literally been at the heart of the city of Peterborough for nearly a century, and this exhibition captures that history superbly.

"For Posh fans like me it's a must visit; but also for locals who might not be so passionate about football, it reflects on the changing times at one of the most important institutions in this city.

"The kit changes, the old photos and so much more. I'm so grateful Peterborough Museum has put this on for the people of the city."

You can relive the highs and lows as you tour through the club’s past, present and future dreams. Whether you’re a fan yourself or just like anything football, it’s a great activity all the family can enjoy, plus it’s free to attend!

This exhibition includes memorabilia of past match programmes, commentary, team shirts, press cuttings and photos from the past eight decades. The coveted silverware of the 1956 league winning trophy is also on display.

For a trip down memory lane, head to the heart of the exhibition for a fabulous display of Subbuteo, the classic table-top game in which players simulate a football game by flicking miniature players with their fingers on a felt pitch. Featuring limited-edition versions the players are decorated in the Peterborough United blue strip, resembling some of the past POSH legends.

Peter Lane, Peterborough United Club Historian says – “Exhibiting in Peterborough Museum means it’s a must-see for all Posh fans who can come and witness this wonderful display of memorabilia dating back to its creation in 1934 to present day.”

Sheena Carman, Arts Development and Community Engagement Manager at Peterborough Museum added – “This exhibition tells the story of Posh and celebrates its contribution to the city brought together with the help of supporters.’’

Even though the 2021-22 season for Peterborough United didn’t end as hoped, Peterborough Museum is keeping the dream alive, celebrating 88 years of this fantastic club in its home city and looking forward to an even better future – up the POSH!

Head to Peterborough Museum & Art Gallery in Priestgate to see Proud to be Posh, Tuesday – Saturday from 10am - 4pm or on Sundays from 12 noon - 4pm.


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