Mikey Clarke finds out if there is more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good looking…

Please excuse the Zoolander quote. This is an article about a male model – it was bound to happen.


That model is Jack Padgett from Peterborough, who struts the catwalk for designers such as Calvin Klein, Moschino and Brioni in places like London and Milan. Given his colourful career, it’s hard to believe that Jack only started modelling five months ago! “Last November I was scouted by Nevs Modelling Agency who have transformed my life,” Jack told me. “I was at Peterborough’s train station when someone approached me and asked me to see the guys over at the agency. I went and they didn’t want me to leave.”


Before long, the local model was living the life many dream of. “I did a few London shows in January and flew out to Milan a week later. It was a great experience. The flight out there was full of models – around 150 of us. I made a lot of friends and see many of them at castings.”

Before our interview, I took a peek at Jack’s Twitter page. I was shocked to see a tweet that read ‘In the past 5 days for dinner… McDonalds, KFC, Dominoes, Chinese, McDonalds…’ I needed to know how someone with that kind of diet could be in such great shape. “Please don’t judge me on that,” he said. “It’s been a tough week. I don’t usually eat that way. I usually eat much healthier, and work really hard at the gym to stay in shape. I used to work with Vivacity as a lifeguard and started using their gym, as it was free to me at the time. I started to really enjoy working out. Before that, I was very skinny.”

I wondered if there was more to walking the catwalk than… well, walking. I asked Jack to teach me how it’s done – which he kindly agreed to do. See the results on our video below.

Amongst other things, we also discussed how his life has changed since becoming a model and whether the industry is as catty as many make it out to be. Read what he had to say in April’s edition of ESP Magazine. [youtube id=”yjs1CzHITyY” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Photos: Portfolio – JOSE TIO

ESP images: Andy Vernum @ Studio One.

Video: Mitchell Brewster Media for ESP Magazine


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