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A performer from Peterborough is set to return to his home town stage but showcasing very different talents.

Stuart Michael first trained at The Key Youth Theatre but will appear at the theatre again on Friday June 10 for an evening of psychic and mediumship readings.

Stuart knew from an early age that he had psychic abilities but after attending Theatre School, he went on to pursue a career performing professionally in theatre, television and at sea all over the world.

It was during this time that he tells us he became known for his psychic abilities and was often asked to give readings to many known names both here in the UK and the US, becoming a confident and popular choice for many celebrities and audiences alike.

You can expect a lively evening at The Key Theatre as Stuart never stays in one spot throwing out messages hoping it resonates – instead he moves around the theatre and gives messages to people who he’s drawn to.

Stuart, who is local to Peterborough, first discovered his abilities as a young child and says he’s worked with spirits and has seen with his mind’s eye from as young as he can remember – “It began from me being a very young child around 2 or 3 years-old,” says Stuart. “I was telling my parents about my family in Germany, where I lived… even though I had never been there, and nobody had ever been talking about Germany around me either.

“At first they thought it odd behaviour and shrugged it off until they discovered the village I had been talking about and describing actually did exist and was at The Black Forest in Germany. I had been discussing a previous life.

“I then saw people that nobody else could see, and making predictions that would come true. A friend of my mum’s was psychic, and said she needed to work with me as she believed I had the gift of a psychic medium. She taught me how to tune in and out of my gift. As young as 5 years-old I was able to tune in successfully to my gift and abilities and give readings.”

You can see for yourself and make up your mind when returns to The Key Theatre to share with you his abilities including psychic messages and dream interpretations all delivered with his quick witted humour, and the sensitivity which he has now become renowned for.

Stuart himself says – “Be open minded, and be respectful for the evening ahead. Do not be nervous as this will be an uplifting experience.”

For tickets call the box office on 01733 207239 or visit

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