ESP’s active adventurer Darren Grigas has completed some amazing challenges as he’s transformed himself into an ultra athlete, but a trip out with Peterborough Cycling Club was a whole new workout…

It was hard work and showed me just how much more training I need to do, to convert these running legs into cycling legs.

Peterborough Cycling Club is the oldest continuously active cycling club in the country, established in 1874. Although other clubs claim to have been founded at an earlier date, to the best of their knowledge, PCC is the only one that’s not ceased to exist and then been reformed at some point.

The club’s seen many great riders pass through its ranks including national champions like Jeremy Harrison, Fiona Harrison, John French and Brett Harwood.

On my first TT effort, my main aim was not to be last in the pack, but of course mostly I was racing myself and the clock. I just managed to avoid the last spot by about 40 seconds.

These cyclists are very strong, some of whom would have finished their 10-mile sprint by the time I’d just passed my seventh mile!

Short intense blasts like this are a different level; I even ended up getting cramp in my calf in the final mile which never happens to me normally.

I now have a good reason to spend more time on the bike and knock a few chunks off my times whilst the sessions last before the nights draw in.

They’re a great bunch and keen to develop newbies too, so if lockdown has found you getting out on your bike more and you’d like to build on it, you can find out more here

Photos: Peterborough Cycling Club

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