If you want to see more original music performed in Peterborough a new acoustic night could be just what you’re looking for.

He’s one of many talented Peterborough musicians and we’re pleased to see that he’s helping bring more exposure to original music on the scene.

For over a year Rob’s been running acoustic nights featuring original tunes every few months at The New Crown in Whittlesey. They’ve been very well supported so now he’s now branching out.

The first new night is being staged at The Ploughman in Werrington on Friday April 5 with another on Friday April 12 at The New Crown Whittlesey and then the S Bar in Stilton on Thursday April 18. You can expect four or five solo acoustic original music acts each playing around half hour sets. See our Gig Guide for details.

The Ploughman gig in Werrington sees four acts including Rob himself, Adam Leon from Leon, Jimmy Doherty from High Rollers and Anthony Shiels from the Candle Thieves. That is a talented line up so it should be a great night.

Rob says – “It’s difficult to find gigs let alone paying gigs for original music.

“We are hoping the idea of four or five guys together, all promoting and bringing different people to the gigs will make it a worthwhile venture for the venue as well as the musicians.”

Show your support and hopefully we will see many more gigs of this kind.


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