The first show staged in Stamford by a new local production company has proved a big success and has also donated £1,500 to charity.

The production of KES at Stamford Corn Exchange Theatre featured former Coronation Street actor Steven Arnold, who is also behind the new Peterborough company Psychotastic Productions with partner Zoe Crowson.

Zoe’s daughter suffers from a painful skin condition and the production company has pledged to donate 25% of proceeds from all shows direct to the charity, The Phoebe Research Fund.

Based on the book A Kestrel for a Knave which also became a popular film, the show saw Steven taking on 10 different roles with talented young performer Daniel Maley starring in the role of Billy Casper.

Steven and Zoe’s new venture proved a big hit with not only local people but from all over the country as people travelled from all over to support the couple with their first production.

Numerous local businesses supported the souvenir programme and with ticket sales it meant they could donate £1,500 towards The Phoebe Research Fund.

The couple said – “We have been overwhelmed with the support from everyone, straight plays are always difficult however KES proved a big hit. The feedback has been really fabulous and we want to carry on the success next year with another well known play. The Stamford Corn Exchange have been an integral part of this and the staff have been exceptional and could not have been more supportive.”

Both the director David Crowley and young Billy Casper played by Daniel Maley also enjoyed working on KES and were extremely happy with the reaction from the audience and sponsors.

Zoe went on to say – “Seeing the audience give both Steven and Daniel a standing ovation was amazing, I didn’t expect that on our first attempt and we are both so excited at what we can do next time.

“It was my first time producing a theatre show and I really enjoyed seeing it come together. The three of them worked so hard during rehearsals I have a true appreciation of what’s involved and was proud to be part of that.”

Steven commented – “It was so nice to be part of something so special and I can’t wait for the next production. From an actor’s point of view to play 10 characters in one show is a dream come true especially playing alongside an extremely talented young actor.”

Steven and Zoe aim to bring more quality productions to Stamford and Peterborough and will once again be donating 25% towards The Phoebe Research Fund.

Photos: Lee Hellwing

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