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We love a world premiere and we love our local talent so Stamford Shoestring Theatre’s production of Ladybird, Ladybird by local author and playwright Hilary Spiers ticks all the boxes.

In addition to being a production of a brand new work, never previously performed, the three actresses in the cast will all be making their debut appearances with the company. Directed by experienced Shoestring stalwart Roger De Toney – supported as ever by a wonderful crew – this production is set to delight all that see it.

The play, which is set in an unspecified location in Lincolnshire, is a wry and fast-moving comedy exploring the ties that bind families together – and how easily they start to fray. Muriel is a recently bereaved mother of two disparate daughters, whose partners look extraordinarily similar and are totally different in every other respect. As the family get together to celebrate the younger daughter’s return from working abroad old wounds are opened up and current grievances exposed. While each member of the family attempts to find the best method of sharing how they will move their life forward; with some hilarious results.

In the playwright’s own words, all of her work takes inspiration from experiences she has either had, imagined or assumed would happen!

She writes about older women – her published novels are testament to this – and that, in a family dynamic, people never truly say what they mean; they dance around topics. Then, one day, a catalyst will inadvertently occur and so unslips a waterfall of resentment, bitterness, truth-finding, blame-sharing and gas-lighting. The classic dynamic is that someone gets ‘dumped on’; Zoe fits the bill.

If you want to find out more and to have the opportunity to see the first ever performances of this wonderful play which runs from September 10 – 14 book your tickets now! Tickets are available from Stamford Arts Centre box office on 01780 763203.

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