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After 18 weeks since construction began on a new play area at Ferry Meadows in Peterborough it's now ready to keep the kids entertained this half term.

'Fox Play' s is now complete and will be open to the public in the half term holiday from Tuesday October 26.

It's all part of an ongoing plan to improve play facilities at the ever popular park and includes some great new additions including water features, zip lines, raised walk-ways, climbing opportunities and plenty of new tree planting. It is the biggest of their three play areas, aimed at slightly older children, but accessible to a range of ages.

Designed by acclaimed landscape designers Davies White, Fox Play includes thirteen different pieces of play equipment incorporating natural materials – water, sand, stone and wood. These will enable children to climb, crawl, slide, swing, splash and fly their way around the play area. In addition extensive new surfaced paths, varied equipment and a range of seating means the area offers increased accessibility, adventure and play opportunities for a range of ages and abilities.

The play area also incorporates ‘reconnecting with nature’ as a central theme. Twenty-two new trees of five different species have been planted and there is plenty of playful planting for people and nature throughout the area, with 1574 new plants added of 17 different species including nectar-rich and fruiting plants, which are good for wildlife.

Andrew MacDermott, Head of Development at Nene Park Trust, said - “This is a really exciting project in the Park that has caught the attention of children and adults alike. As part of our work to improve the Lakeside area this is a great start and we hope our visitors will enjoy this new adventurous play space and look forward to future developments in this area!

"Thanks go to our generous funders for Fox Play who include FCC Communities Foundation and Viridor Credits Environmental Company."

At the opening event on Tuesday October 26, 10am-2pm, you will be able to pick up a specially designed activity booklet with a quiz to complete while at the play area. You will also have a chance to feed back on the different equipment, ranking your favourite pieces and telling the Trust what you've enjoyed. Staff members will be around to talk to visitors and answer questions on the new play area.

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