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Look out for local hero, Peterborough Olympian Louis Smith as he puts his knowledge to the test on the first of a new BBC quiz show series on Saturday April 12.

The Guess List is a new Saturday night comedy entertainment series fronted by Rob Brydon.

Rob Brydon says: “I loved making the pilot for The Guess List and can’t wait to get started on the first series.”

Each show sees two contestants compete for a prize which has been specially selected for them.

Helping the contestants find the answers are five famous faces from the worlds of sport, music, TV or film.

Along the way, Rob ensures that those famous faces take on one or two unexpected questions of their own so we’ll see how our local sports star, and former winner of Strcitly Come Dancing, copes under a new style of pressure!

Louis has become a familiar face on many TV shows over the last year and on The Guess List he’ll be joined by James Corden, Jennifer Saunders, Simon Callow and Emilia Fox.

The clips we’ve seen look great fun and Louis reveals his singing talent and teaches some tango moves!

Catch the show on BBC One at 9.30pm.

Photo: BBC/Brian Ritchie



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